A Quick Video Guide to Alternate Nostril Breath

A quick guide to alternate nostril breathing. Ida (left nostril moon energy) and Pingala (right nostril sun energy) are two channels of energy that run from the nostrils and criss-cross through the body around the chakras. Practicing alternate nostril breath relaxes and purifies the nerves while encouraging energy to flow through a large central channel … Continue reading A Quick Video Guide to Alternate Nostril Breath


How to Eat Like a Yogi Pt. 2

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A Few Thoughts on Meditation

The idea of Meditating can feel like a gigantic beast looming over us, meant to be fought and wrestled with to win some kind of temporary calm. This perception can lead to frustration or avoidance when it comes to a daily practice. It is important to note that one should not try to do Meditation, … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Meditation

How to Eat Like a Yogi Pt. 1

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A Daily Routine is the Cat’s Meow

Image courtesy of Monoar Rahman I often wake up before my wife, and at some point, I got into the habit of playing with our cat before doing yoga to ensure that his needs are met. This may seem like a trivial detail but there are hundreds of things we all do in the morning that … Continue reading A Daily Routine is the Cat’s Meow

The Power of Slow

Image courtesy of xaviandrew In this fast paced digital word with vast amounts stimulation at every turn, it can be easy to forget that we used to spend more time sitting and watching the world turn. Even as a practicing Yoga Teacher it can be easy to miss the slow buildup of tension that can … Continue reading The Power of Slow